Custom design laser cut screens

Some clients liked to ask if you do custom design laser cut screens, normally we simply replied yes, what we’d like to say is that we always to laser cut screens with custom designs. There are some website selling the laser cut screens to standard sizes and pattern online, but more potential clients like to do their own laser cut screens with the design they like and the sizes they need.

The custom design laser cut screens is naturally needed, it is totally customized. Like the other custom design products, the laser cut screens only can meet clients need perfectly when they are customized produced. Maybe you are okay with the design you don’t like the most, but you cannot use it when the sizes don’t match. The width and the height is the main dimension, it won’t fit the use perfectly if the sizes are not right.


Also the custom design laser cut screens can be made, it is workable. All the designs can be made through laser cutter on metal panels, and the existed material size can meet most needs of screens. Now the fixation methods and assemble tools are mature, the complicated design and the use environment won’t be the problem for laser cut metal screens.

So don’t hesitate to contact us to have a quote of your custom design laser cut screens. The design file, the photos or the hand drawings with the design you like is helpful, as the design complexity is one of the main factors of cost. Let us know the size, the use environment, the color you like, the way you want to fix it, etc. We will work out a solution with quote for your need of custom design laser cut screens.

Laser cut panels as restaurant screens for decoration

Laser cut screens is the ideal choice for the modern restaurant decoration, the restaurant screens with pattern on laser cut panel provides the decoration besides the privacy space for clients. The restaurants screens increase the interior decoration  while divide the room of the restaurant, if you are opening a new restaurant or considering renovating your restaurant, try to use laser cut screens, it would bring up the modern and fashion element.

The laser cut panels can be displayed vertically used as the screens or the partition wall to create private room for the customers and the restaurants itself. The restaurant screens can distinguish the different function areas like dining, kitchen; reception, etc. provide the safe and easy feeling to the clients and their own staff.

restaurant screens

Besides, hang the laser cut metal panels in the ceiling is another common way to use the laser cut screens in restaurant. People can see the panels with decorative patterns above their head; provide the space feeling and the fashion element. Also the laser cut screens can be fixed on the ceilings, work with the light to have the decorative patterns.

For the restaurant screens hanging in ceiling, the material cannot be very thin, some clients think it needs to be thin as it will be hung and it cannot be heavy, but it would be bow in the middle if the material is too thin. Also for the other screens displayed vertically, the glass is needed sometimes for protection as the sharp part may hurt people, especially the children.

Outdoor metal wall art used in life

outdoor-metal-wall-artOutdoor is the ideal place to display the art work as there are more visitors, your work is displaying to people and it can be seen every day. Meanwhile, outdoor is the place needs art work, need to surprise the normal life a little bit and decorate the public environment, so we can many sculptures and campaigns on the streets or square. Among all of this, the outdoor metal wall art is special and becoming popular.

The metal material is more suitable for outdoor wall art than others, it has longer life, the size and shape won’t change easily, and the special texture it only has. What we need to care about is how to put the art on the metal panels. Now the laser cutting technology solve the only problem we may have, all the art designs can be achieved on metal panels easily through laser cutting now.

Steel is the main material of the outdoor metal wall art, and there is another special steel material called Corten steel or mild steel is more and more popular. The corten steel would get rust naturally and has much longer life than the normal ones, and the color of the rust will change subtly. The rust on it increases the artistic imperceptibly.outdoor-metal-wall-art

If you think the outdoor metal wall art is too literature, we can really bring up something functional. You can use the metal wall art to close the balcony, the metal fence with laser cut pattern on it can be called the outdoor wall art, and the metal garden screens are also ornamental.

Where to find laser cut designs

As the manufacturer of laser cut screens and decorative metal products, it is difficult for us to give the professional suggestions on the laser cut designs. But not every client is designer or not everyone has the right design of their products. In this case the hand drawing design or the photos is helpful, we are able to develop the drawings suitable for manufacturing based on clients’ hand drawing and the photos of laser cut designs.

The best way to find the laser cut designs is to use the search engine (Google, Bing.etc.), search the photos you interested in the image searching part. For example, type the keywords of “laser cut designs” in, there will be a lot of photos. The advantage is that it’s fast, accurate and free. It is helpful not only for the users but also the professional designers, which would bring up the inspirations sometimes. The shortage of the search engine is there are too many non-related contents and it is hard to find the good resources, the photos sizes are small and not clear. You cannot complain, after all it is free.



The websites of the decoration and the photos sharing like Pinterest and Houzz is very helpful to find the laser cut designs. Pinterest is the professional sharing website; you can find kinds of nice photos and a lot of designers and companies sharing their work, which people would learn from. Houzz is famous home decoration website contains millions of photos, not only people can see the design, but also the decoration effect can be seen.

If you are the designer or you are interested in designing, find the laser cut designs or find the useful resources on the designing forum would be a choice. People would share their works, the design ideas or the designing files, which would be helpful to open the mind and bring up the inspiration of your design work.

Brief introduction of colored stainless steel

colored-stainless-steelSometimes you may see the metal sheet in gold or copper color and you are wondering what the material it is, it is colored stainless steel in most cases. It cannot be real gold or copper and even it is real, the surface color is not good, and it cannot be made of other metal material like steel or aluminum too. It is the stainless steel, the metal sheet get the color after electroplating, used for decoration purpose.

The technology used to make the colored stainless steel is electro-plating; one of the main technologies is PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), it is like put a color film on the metal surface. The stainless steel plating has the best effect among all the metals as the mirror surface is perfect, the plating layer is very even. Besides, the plated stainless steel has longer life.

The main plating colors of the stainless steel include titanium gold, champagne gold, rose gold, bronze, copper, etc. Titanium gold is the color which is most close to original gold color and someone like to call it brass. What need to note is that the color effect may look different at different lights and brightness; there is colored stainless steel with brushed surface beside the glossy ones.plated-stainless-steel

There is plated stainless steel sheets and tubes on market, you can purchase the material and do the basic processing directly, like the bending and cutting. But if there is other processing like welding and polishing, and you want the complete product finally still have the color effect, then you cannot use the colored stainless steel material directly, as the processing work would destroy the colored surface. We need to make the product with the plain stainless steel and plate it when all the processing work is done.

Stainless steel floor spring door

stainless-steel-doorThere are two main kinds of floor spring door, the glass door and the stainless steel door. Using hinge is another way for stainless steel door assembly, but more and more users like to use floor spring, especially when the door frame is made of stainless steel and it is a decorative metal door, for example, the stainless steel door for boutique shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The working theory of the floor spring door is that the door is fixed both at the top and the bottom, and it can be rotated around the axis. The floor spring has the features of being invisible, low volume, good appearance, etc. Functionally it combines the door stopper, hinge and door closer. The door can be open freely inward and outward, and it will stop and locked when it reach the position.floor-spring-door

Also, the adjustment of the floor spring door can be achieved through the floor spring. There would be a little bit tilt or deform of the stainless steel door after long time use, we don’t need to take the door off but we adjust open the cap of the floor spring and adjust the screws a little to have the door adjusted.

For the specification, there are not many categories or kinds of the floor spring, but the price can be very different, need to pay attention when the price is too low. Sometime the cheap floor spring does not have the adjustment function and the workmanship is not good. That’s why normally our quote of the stainless steel door does not include the cost of the floor springs.

Decorative stainless steel side table

stainless-steel-side-tableThe decorative stainless steel side table is the important category of metal furniture; it is popular for its practicability, design variety and cute appearance, it is widely used in hotels and homes. Because of the material feature, the stainless steel side table looks modern and fashion, which is the ideal choice for the modern hotels decoration and home improvement。

Unlike the large furniture, the stainless steel side table won’t take much space; it can be put at the side of the sofa, desk, bed, etc., it is small but functional, you can put a lot of things on it like the reading books, flowers, pen and note, cups, lights, etc. The stainless steel side table near sofa has the highest utilization among living room furniture.modern-side-tables-and-end-tables

The design of the side table is easy to be achieved on stainless steel; there is more designing space than other materials. The main shape of the stainless steel side table is still round and square, but some creations can be added, for example, we can make the tables have two layers and the ornaments can be added on the sides or the top. Plus the excellent plating features of stainless steel, the tables can be in gold, bronze, copper, etc., which provide more options for colors.

The stainless steel side table can be made of the metal material completely, or we can use other associated material to collocate with it. If the surface finishing is mirror original color of stainless steel and we look to have a transparent effect, we could use the glass as the top of the side table. Also, the marble or the solid wood can be the choice of the side table top.

Main styles of laser cutting designs

The feature of the laser cutting designs is that it is only flat, graphic design only. So like the painting the laser cutting designs style can be vivid and abstract. The patterns can be like images, or it is just the abstract lines, it can be array pattern or the name or logo of the users.

The natural views are main part of the laser cutting designs, especially the outdoor products. Leaf flower and tree is used a lot on the laser cut metal panel, and we think maple is the most popular one. These kinds of laser cut panels will be used for the gardens as the fence, the corridor or the background wall.

laser cutting designsLines design is the main part among the abstract designs of laser cutting panels. It gives view of the dendrite, and it is full of imagination, it can be anything you can imagine. This kind of laser cut design is more suitable for indoor, used as the screens in the living room or bathroom.

Geometry is common, the arrayed circle, square, polygenetic. can be seen in many designs of laser cutting. It can be as standard as original, or it can be changed a little bit to increase the design sense. For example, you can make each of the square tilt a little bit and the complete design will be full with imagination and design sense.

Shipping cost of laser cut screens

We started to export the laser cut screens and the decorative metal products in 2013, look to ship the metal screens all over the world. Many customers care about the shipping cost, would like to give a brief introduction of the shipping cost of laser cut screens.

How to ship the laser cut screens? Like the other normal goods, there are three kinds of shipping way, by sea, by air and by express. If the quantity is large, sea shipping is the first choice as it is very cheap. The goods will be shipped of the air shipping and the shipping of express, while the goods will be shipped to the local airport only and the goods will be delivered to your house by express shipping. So if the quantity is not large, suggest ship by express (DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, etc.) as it is cheap, fast and convenient.

shipping cost of laser cut screens

How long it takes to do the shipping? Normally it takes around one month of the sea shipping from China to European countries, 15 days to Australia and the western coast of USA, 10 days to Southeast Asian like Thailand, Malaysia, etc. For the air shipping and the express shipping, it takes around 5 to 10 days to deliver the goods to most places in the world.

What’s the shipping cost of laser cut screens? The total shipping cost is around 500 USD of sea shipping, it is very cheap for the mass quantity goods. The shipping cost by express depends on the weight. More weight, the cheaper the unit price. For example, the unit cost is around 6 dollar per kilogram for 30 kg goods, so the total cost will be around 200 dollars.

Typical use of decorative room divider

decorative room dividerWould like to share one decorative room divider we made. When it is hard to name or define a decorative product, we can name it from its function. We made metal screens in large size, it is as high as the wall, and it is moveable, like door, you can close or open it. When you close them, they can cover the entire wall.

How do you define them, door or screen? If you call them screen, what behind some of them is wall, there’s nothing private there. If you call them door, maybe sliding door is okay, but how about the fixed parts. So we just call them according to their function, decorative room divider.

These room dividers are made of stainless steel panel with laser cut geometric patterns on for decoration, the surface finishing is brushed champagne gold plating. The decorative room divider is used for an auto 4s shop, the front part is the displaying room and the back is the meeting room and the garage, separated by the metal dividers.decorative room divider

The feature of the product is some part of it is working as the sliding door, so the staff can open or close door at different timings, and it also can provide the private space and the fresh feeling to the clients. All the room dividers are hanging on the strong aluminum tracks which are covered by the ceiling.