Where to find laser cut designs

As the manufacturer of laser cut screens and decorative metal products, it is difficult for us to give the professional suggestions on the laser cut designs. But not every client is designer or not everyone has the right design of their products. In this case the hand drawing design or the photos is helpful, we are able to develop the drawings suitable for manufacturing based on clients’ hand drawing and the photos of laser cut designs.

The best way to find the laser cut designs is to use the search engine (Google, Bing.etc.), search the photos you interested in the image searching part. For example, type the keywords of “laser cut designs” in image.google.com, there will be a lot of photos. The advantage is that it’s fast, accurate and free. It is helpful not only for the users but also the professional designers, which would bring up the inspirations sometimes. The shortage of the search engine is there are too many non-related contents and it is hard to find the good resources, the photos sizes are small and not clear. You cannot complain, after all it is free.



The websites of the decoration and the photos sharing like Pinterest and Houzz is very helpful to find the laser cut designs. Pinterest is the professional sharing website; you can find kinds of nice photos and a lot of designers and companies sharing their work, which people would learn from. Houzz is famous home decoration website contains millions of photos, not only people can see the design, but also the decoration effect can be seen.

If you are the designer or you are interested in designing, find the laser cut designs or find the useful resources on the designing forum would be a choice. People would share their works, the design ideas or the designing files, which would be helpful to open the mind and bring up the inspiration of your design work.