Brief introduction of colored stainless steel

colored-stainless-steelSometimes you may see the metal sheet in gold or copper color and you are wondering what the material it is, it is colored stainless steel in most cases. It cannot be real gold or copper and even it is real, the surface color is not good, and it cannot be made of other metal material like steel or aluminum too. It is the stainless steel, the metal sheet get the color after electroplating, used for decoration purpose.

The technology used to make the colored stainless steel is electro-plating; one of the main technologies is PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), it is like put a color film on the metal surface. The stainless steel plating has the best effect among all the metals as the mirror surface is perfect, the plating layer is very even. Besides, the plated stainless steel has longer life.

The main plating colors of the stainless steel include titanium gold, champagne gold, rose gold, bronze, copper, etc. Titanium gold is the color which is most close to original gold color and someone like to call it brass. What need to note is that the color effect may look different at different lights and brightness; there is colored stainless steel with brushed surface beside the glossy ones.plated-stainless-steel

There is plated stainless steel sheets and tubes on market, you can purchase the material and do the basic processing directly, like the bending and cutting. But if there is other processing like welding and polishing, and you want the complete product finally still have the color effect, then you cannot use the colored stainless steel material directly, as the processing work would destroy the colored surface. We need to make the product with the plain stainless steel and plate it when all the processing work is done.