laser cut screensLaser cut screens manufacturer located in China, specialize in making custom design metal decoration products. Making art on metal is easy to be accomplished, it is cheap, modern, easy to maintain, and it presents special impressions to people.

Displayed in hotel lobbies, restaurants, clubs, bars, ktv, gardens, personal residences, the laser cut screens used as decoration purposes mostly, it is more like art rather than furniture. With this understanding, the screens are made with much higher level than the normal functional goods. laser cut metal screens

Material of stainless steel, aluminum, Corten steel used, plus the professional processes laser cutting, welding, bending, plating, etc. it looks no different from making a regular sheet metal parts. But the requirement is stricter of each process, the goal is no beam, no machine trace or scratches.

Painting, powder coating, plating and rust makes the screens have the ample colors and the textures available, which enlarge the usage occasions as well, metal screens with various gold colors are more suitable for bars, ktv, restaurants or hotel. Plated colorful stainless is the popular finishing while that Corten steel will be the choice if you’d like to put a classical screens with rust in your garden.

laser cut screens It is OK if you don’t have the drawing or there is just a thought, which would be enough to make the laser cut screens. Our engineers will draw the patterns and make the drawings for your approval. Don’t worry about the shipping or the importing, the door to door shipping service will make it as simple as receive a parcel from the city next to you. Ready to tell us your thought and get a quote? Get started by the contact form or below:

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