Stainless steel tables

table with stainelss baseThere are many kinds of the stainless steel tables; you can classify them by the function and the use like coffee table, tea table, dining table, side table, etc. Apparently there is no clear boundary of them, you can drink tea at a coffee table or at a dining table, that’s why we’d like to put them together and just call them stainless steel tables as long as it is made of the same material.

The style of this tables are very simple, stainless steel is used as the base of the furniture to support the top, the stainless steel base is made with the simple design by the perfect welding and polishing to make it shining and luxury. Except some side tables, the stainless steel tables use the solid wood or other material like the marble or glass as the top.stainless steel base

The metal feature of the stainless steel tables give people kind of feeling of clear and clean. The stainless steel would reflect the indoor lights and the base is open which can be seen the structure, meanwhile some design element also can be added on it. We can use the arch stainless steel pipe or develop the art shape by the cutting and welding.

stainless-steel-side-tableAs furniture, the strength and the safety is always the first thing to consider. Sometimes the top of the wood or the stone of the stainless steel tables are very thick, considering the extra weight put on it while people using, the table needs to be very strong while you don’t want to make it looks heavy and complicated, so the best solution is to add the cross on the table to hold the top, it also keeps the balance of the table if the sizes are large.

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