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Professional factory of metal decoration products, PengWeiAo Metal Decor specialize in the design and manufacturing of laser cut screens, stainless steel doors, aluminum curtain wall, bar furniture, etc. Factory covers area of 30,000 square meters, has various equipments of 60 sets, independent processes of numerical control sheet metal, drilling, welding, polishing, assembly, production line of numerical control painting and titanize, and Japan Ransburg automatic per fluorocarbon spraying line.

With the strong support of our engineers and professionals of international trading, we started to do exporting in 2011. It is not a long time but we gained the reputation in integrity and profession. We will make you can feel it when you deal with us, both on technique and inter trading. We believe the best cooperation mode is to combine the advantage of our manufacturing capacity in China and the excellent design of our clients outside of China. We’re looking to expand our business and provide our service to more clients and partners in 2014.

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