table with stainelss baseThe stainless steel furniture we do are mainly the stainless steel base for the modern furniture, like the dining table, side table, chairs, sofa, coffee table, hotel luggage table, bench, etc. The stainless steel part is used as the support and the decoration at the bottom for the furniture.

These modern furniture with stainless steel base or leg widely used for the hotels, restaurants and home. Besides the stainless steel base or leg, the furniture use the marble or the wood as the tabletop, connected with stainless steel part by the fixation at the bottom, which is invisible.

Considering the use environment and the market positioning, the furniture is made with the excellent processing of the stainless steel: no joints and marks of the welding and polishing can be seen, the connect position of the pipes are perfect which look like they are a whole part naturally, the fixing part are strong and invisible, the plating colors of gold and copper on stainless steel make the furniture luxury.stainless-steel-chair

The clients would use the high grade material as the top, the petrified solid wood is suitable for the tables: console table, coffee table, dining table, etc., which is the more traditional, natural and familiar, easy accepted by the users. Also, the stone marble and the glass also can be a choice, and sometime the leather is needed for the stainless steel luggage table.

Beside the stainless steel base for the furniture as the support at the bottom, we are doing some small parts for the wood furniture, like the foot cover which would cover the bottom of the chair leg to protect and decorate it, the stainless steel foot of the sofa to provide the support at each corner. stainless steel base

The concept of the stainless steel furniture with traditional tops is the new development and supplement for the furniture and the stainless steel decoration industry. It is the combination of this two fields, so the stainless steel decoration industry need to realize the design of the modern furniture and the furniture clients need to understand the stainless steel trait, effective and enough communication is needed for the cooperation at the very beginning.

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