Introduction to the decorative stainless steel door

decorative stainless steel doorThe decorative stainless steel door can be seen all around on the street in China, especially the boutique, clothing shops, the hotels, restaurants, etc. All of these places are clean, neat, and needs to be friendly; the decorative stainless steel door just has these features.

Don’t how to give this product an exact name, but decorative stainless steel door should be fine. Someone call it stainless steel door but the main part of the door is glass, and it is also not accurate if you call it glass door as the frame is in stainless steel. That’s the problem in decoration field; sometime you just cannot name the product exactly, so we just call them doors.decorative stainless steel door

The most important feature of the decorative stainless steel is modern, the plated stainless steel provide the shinning decoration effect and transparent tempered glass is neat as well, plus the fashionable handles, the entire door looks fabulous.

decorative stainless steel doorBesides, don’t need to worry about the strength and the quality of the decorative stainless steel door. I know someone wonder if the door is strong enough, looks it only made of the glass and the sheet metal. The professional people know that there is frame in beneath the stainless steel, the thick strong steel plate bent to form the square shape is beneath the stainless steel, which is strong far enough. And we all know how tough the tempered glass is.

The main assembly methods of the decorative stainless steel are floor spring and the hinges. Assemble by hinges are very easy and floor spring is a little bit hard for normal people. Normally the stainless steel door is very heavy after packing, so the best way is to ship them by sea. Welcome the contractors, the designers, or the direct users to contact us if you have the related inquiries.

Laser cut aluminum panel used as decorative screens

201109151034111747In additonal to the steel and the stainless panel, we also use laser cut aluminum panel to do the decorative screens. Comparing with the steel, the laser cut aluminum panel has some natural advantages, especially for the international trading.

The aluminum is light. Yes, we all know that the aluminum material is much lighter than steel or stainless steel, the density of the aluminum is nearly one third of the steel. So we can save a lot of weight on the laser cut aluminum panel, which would save a lot of shipping cost, particularly on long distance overseas air shipping.

The aluminum won’t rust. You can say it is nonsense, but it is true that the aluminum will never ever get rust. There is surface finishing provide the protection for the steel products or the stainless steel has good performance for outdoor use, but they will rust anyway after long time use in outdoor. So the laser cut aluminum panel will be a good choice for the outdoor products like the decorative metal fence, the decorative garden screens, etc.IMG_2564

Although the laser cut aluminum panel has so many advantages in decorative screens, we need to note the difference of it to the normal steel products. Aluminum material cost more on laser cutting. The aluminum material cost more than steel or stainless steel at the same condition. So it would be better to use water jet or plasma to cut the aluminum panel if possible.

The aluminum material is more expensive. It is much lighter, but the unit price is very expensive, the price of the aluminum is quite close to stainless steel. Also we need to know that the surface finishing effect of the laser cut aluminum panel is special. Because of the material feature, the surface is not that flat so we cannot have shining surface effect on aluminum; please consider this while you choose the material to do the decorative screens.

Metal shoes for table legs

metal-shoes-for-table-legsThere is a trend in the Chinese wood furniture market that the combination of the wood and the metal is more and more used, the table metal shoes is one of them. I just figured out the right English name for this kind of products, our clients like to call it foot cover but then we found out the shoes are much better. The metal shoes will be cover at the end of the table legs to protect and decorate the table.

The life of the wood furniture like the table and chair will be increased after using the metal shoes. The table leg will not touch the floor directly anymore, and there is no damage to the wood leg which caused by the friction between the table and ground during using. Also the metal shoes make the table legs shinning, it is another different type material ordinate the wood furniture.

 The shape and the design of the metal shoes are determined by the shape of the table and chair legs. It can be like the cylinder, or it is like a cone, or it can be squared. The material using for the metal shoes are mainly the stainless steel, which won’t get rust easily and easy to have the shinning surface effect by polishing.

The developed pattern of the table leg is much helpful for the production of the metal shoes, or it would be great to have the sample of the table and chair leg, then we can develop the drawing, make the sample and do the testing based on the sample and make sure the metal shoes work on the table legs.

Maple leaf the popular laser cut design

Maple leaf is the popular laser cut design among many plant laser cut designs. Maple leaf is loved all around the world, there are maple trees almost in every country for view and admire, so people like to keep them in their living place by laser cutting the pattern on the metal panel. The maple leaf laser cut panel is suitable for the landscape garden screens, yard fence, etc.

maple-leaf-laser-cutAs far as the design’s concerned, the maple leaf can be sparse or it can be thick. Both of these two designs are great, the thick maple leaf is like the green growing trees in spring while the sparse design is like the tress leaf falling in autumn. It can be accomplished on one pieces of the large panel if the leaves are thick or it can be design on triptych panels which would displayed and assembly together to achieve the complete effect.

Red is the first option for the color and surface finishing of the maple leaf, so you can just use the normal steel without surface protection to do the laser cut screens of maple leaves, and just let them get rust naturally. The original natural rust color is just like the color of the maple leaves in autumn. Besides we can do the red color painting and powder coating of the steel to protect the surface in outdoor, or use the corten steel to do the maple leaf laser cut panel which would rust but has longer life.

What is Corten steel ?

Let’s say it in brief, it is kind of special steel, the feature is that the Corten steel has long life in outdoor, it will get rust in outdoor naturally, but unlike the other steel, the rust on it won’t get off and the rust layer provide a protection which makes it has long life, also the rust layer provide the decoration effect with natural rust color.

So it is used for the outdoor environment which has the anti-rust and decoration requirement, like the railway track, the curtain wall of the modern building, the modern sculpture, etc. Well, you can see the accurate explanation and definition of the Corten steel on Wiki if you are interested.

corten steel

So now we know it is very good steel material, it can be used for outdoor, will get rust but with much longer life than normal steel. It is the perfect material for the outdoor laser cut screens. Rust is the cancer of steel, if the screens get rust, it is no longer a decorative product, it is destroyed. But we won’t have the problem if we use Corten steel for the laser cut screens.

Also, the natural rust layer on it provides the decorative color. The natural rust color and the mark is always changing and moving, it is the only and irreplaceable. The color will get darker and darker, and the rust extent and position is moving by the flushing of the wind and rain, it increases the decoration effect of the laser cut screens invisibly.

Now there are professional factory producing the protection oil for the Corten steel to increase its life further, it is like kind of varnish, it increase the adhesion of the rust and prevent the rust get inside. If you cannot find the professional oil, just using some wood vanish which is also helpful.

Australian like to call the “Corten steel” mild steel, which may cause the misunderstanding often, normally the translation of the mild steel is low carbon steel, which is much cheaper than Corten steel and the features are quite different. So both of the importer and the seller need to pay attention to the name and the translation of the Corten steel, in case there is misunderstanding which may cause the lost.

Metal laser cutting service in China

Metal laser cutter is really a good invention; it makes the graphic design realized on the metal panel easily. As the professional factory own the laser cutting machines, we are providing the metal laser cutting service in China. Our main products are the decorative metal products, as the main decoration factor, the laser cutting patterns are needed a lot. Thanks to the high efficiency of the laser cutter, we are able to do other metal cutting job in additional to the need of our own products.


China is the world factory, there are kinds of industrial products and industrial supplies so don’t worry about the material using for metal laser cutting service, there are all kinds of metal materials with all kinds of specifications, the carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, copper, etc. You can find the metal sheets for laser cutting easily at the reasonable price.

Also there are comprehensive supporting shops for the surface finishing of the products after metal laser cutting service. Zinc electroplating, painting, powder coating, all of these processing shops is available. With the experience of the international trading and the sense of service, the professional proper packing is available, and we have the professional staff for exporting and international shipping, which would help you do the importing.

If you ask what the disadvantage of outsourcing the metal laser cutting work in China, we have to say that there is requirement of the order quantity. The share the importing cost and the freight would increase the unit price if the quantity is not large. Suggest do the metal laser cutting job at local shops if you can find one. So if you are looking to outsource the work of metal laser cutting, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why we call it laser cut metal screens

Laser cut metal screens is the relatively speaking to the laser cut screens made of other material rather than metal, like the wood, acrylic, leather, etc. The screens made of other materials are popular as well and the features of them are quite different from the laser cut metal screens, so it would be accurate by adding metal when you talk, search or purchase the screens, especially in business field.

Laser cut metal screens

Originally all the screens are made of wood; the pattern is carved by the craftsman, it is a huge work, the design only can be realized roughly as there is limit of the handwork. The invention of the laser cutter free the people from the heavy work, now the wood screens are made by the laser cutter engraver for non-metal material. So laser cut metal screens is to distinguish the metal screens from the ones made of other materials.

Also if you try to search the information of the laser cutting machine, it would be better to add “metal” also, the laser cutter engraver is a huge market, using it is easy to process the wood, acrylic, bamboo, leather, etc. and it is much cheaper than the metal laser cutting machine.

It is better to use laser cut metal screens to search the relative information like the supplier, the design, etc. to get the exact info you want and improve the working efficiency. For example, what you want is a metal screens, but after long time negotiation and communication, you find out the supplier is only doing the other screens, or even you pay or you receive them. That would be the bad situation in business world, just because the sourcing words. Laser cut metal screens are quite similar to other ones after all and we need to pay attention to avoid the unnecessary problems.

Laser cut fence of metal panels

laser-cut-fence-panelUsing the metal screens as the laser cut fence is another creation of Australian. They are always good on the combination of the nature and artificial, function and decoration. The classical white wood fence is popular in USA, but it is not enough for the city in Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc. There are fewer human activities and the plants are lush, you cannot use the standard fence for your yard. The customized laser cut fence with decorative patterns meet the demand and proves it again that the laser cut things are so popular in this country.

To coordinate the nature, the main pattern of the laser cut metal fence is the plants, the rattan and the maple in particular. The regular circle or the abstract pattern is also used sometimes. There is a lot of imagination and free space for the design. The complete pattern can be fulfilled on three or four panels as a unit in case it is monotonous if there is only one kind of design as the total length of the yard fence is large.

Most material is okay for the laser cut fence, either the painted or powder coated steel or the aluminum is fine. The Corten steel would be the first choice if you want the fence has the longer life and the surface color coordinate with the environment naturally. But please note if the base of the laser cut fence is stone blocks as the Corten steel would rust and drop onto the stones. laser-cut-fence

Normally the size of the laser cut panel is small; the height of the panel is around a person’s height, so it looks friendly and not repressed. You can use the extra post for the assembly, or fold the side of the panel to increase the strength and use it as the post, or weld a square pipe on the panel after laser cutting. The length of the laser cut fence is large and the shape is not regular, so it would be better to have a overall layout drawing to know the dimensions and direction of each part before the production.

Laser cut screens business

You may have the experience that you find something really nice online and you really want to buy it, when you try to contact them you find out that they are very far away from your place. For example you want to buy a very nice laser cut screens in Sydney, Australia, while you are in Vancouver, so you may give up the thought as it is way too far from your place.

laser cut screens business

Yes, normally distance means unknown things, shipping cost and the possible communication problems, but you can overcome all these problems, you are handling your international trading business, even you are only buying three pieces of laser cut screens from Melbourne to New York. Actually the people doing the business deal with these possible problems every day, and you will find it is as easy as buying a custom furniture from the store next to your town.

The payment and the shipping maybe the first important thing to understand in inter business world, and definitely you need to find right company to help you doing this. The most important thing must be communication and patience; you can see a lot of things from the communication with your suppliers, to see if they are responsible, professional or reliable.

There are some other issues for laser cut screens business as it is customized made for most times, so the details need to be cared a lot as it is always different. Also the need to pay more attention to the package , it is a such large metal plate, for example it is long 15 days journey from China to NSW, Australia of laser cut screens.

V cutting bending in decorative metal industry

What is v cutting bending?  The v cutting is the 90 degrees v shape groove cut on the metal sheet before the bending, and then use it as the bend line, the goal is to have the good appearance of the edge of the decorative metal product like metal screens, door,etc. Normally the depth of the v cutting is half of the sheet thickness. It is the previous work on bending. Yes, you can bend the metal by the bending machine directly without the v cut, but in the decorative industry, the v cutting process is necessary.

v-cutting-bendingThere is radius of the bending corner after bending, it is more obvious and the radius is bigger if the material is thicker. It is ugly and not qualified for the decorative products, so people developed the v cutting technology. The metal after v cutting is easy to be bent, for the thin metal you can even bend the sheet by hands along the v cutting line, also the corner is very sharp which makes the decorative metal products looks neat, this is the point of the v cutting bending process.

For example, the frame of the stainless steel door needs the v cutting bending technology; otherwise it would be not good looking if there is a big radius as it is always can be seen and normally it is for the luxury decoration occasions. For the decorative sheet metal products used to cover the wood, the v cutting is necessary and only the sheet after v cut can be bent easily if the bending length is little.

Although the v cutting bending is much helpful but it is not applicable for all the sheet metal products. For the products have the strength requirement cannot use v cut as it would lower the strength, it is only for the decorative metal products which care more about the appearance.