Typical use of decorative room divider

decorative room dividerWould like to share one decorative room divider we made. When it is hard to name or define a decorative product, we can name it from its function. We made metal screens in large size, it is as high as the wall, and it is moveable, like door, you can close or open it. When you close them, they can cover the entire wall.

How do you define them, door or screen? If you call them screen, what behind some of them is wall, there’s nothing private there. If you call them door, maybe sliding door is okay, but how about the fixed parts. So we just call them according to their function, decorative room divider.

These room dividers are made of stainless steel panel with laser cut geometric patterns on for decoration, the surface finishing is brushed champagne gold plating. The decorative room divider is used for an auto 4s shop, the front part is the displaying room and the back is the meeting room and the garage, separated by the metal dividers.decorative room divider

The feature of the product is some part of it is working as the sliding door, so the staff can open or close door at different timings, and it also can provide the private space and the fresh feeling to the clients. All the room dividers are hanging on the strong aluminum tracks which are covered by the ceiling.