Shipping cost of laser cut screens

We started to export the laser cut screens and the decorative metal products in 2013, look to ship the metal screens all over the world. Many customers care about the shipping cost, would like to give a brief introduction of the shipping cost of laser cut screens.

How to ship the laser cut screens? Like the other normal goods, there are three kinds of shipping way, by sea, by air and by express. If the quantity is large, sea shipping is the first choice as it is very cheap. The goods will be shipped of the air shipping and the shipping of express, while the goods will be shipped to the local airport only and the goods will be delivered to your house by express shipping. So if the quantity is not large, suggest ship by express (DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, etc.) as it is cheap, fast and convenient.

shipping cost of laser cut screens

How long it takes to do the shipping? Normally it takes around one month of the sea shipping from China to European countries, 15 days to Australia and the western coast of USA, 10 days to Southeast Asian like Thailand, Malaysia, etc. For the air shipping and the express shipping, it takes around 5 to 10 days to deliver the goods to most places in the world.

What’s the shipping cost of laser cut screens? The total shipping cost is around 500 USD of sea shipping, it is very cheap for the mass quantity goods. The shipping cost by express depends on the weight. More weight, the cheaper the unit price. For example, the unit cost is around 6 dollar per kilogram for 30 kg goods, so the total cost will be around 200 dollars.