Main styles of laser cutting designs

The feature of the laser cutting designs is that it is only flat, graphic design only. So like the painting the laser cutting designs style can be vivid and abstract. The patterns can be like images, or it is just the abstract lines, it can be array pattern or the name or logo of the users.

The natural views are main part of the laser cutting designs, especially the outdoor products. Leaf flower and tree is used a lot on the laser cut metal panel, and we think maple is the most popular one. These kinds of laser cut panels will be used for the gardens as the fence, the corridor or the background wall.

laser cutting designsLines design is the main part among the abstract designs of laser cutting panels. It gives view of the dendrite, and it is full of imagination, it can be anything you can imagine. This kind of laser cut design is more suitable for indoor, used as the screens in the living room or bathroom.

Geometry is common, the arrayed circle, square, polygenetic. can be seen in many designs of laser cutting. It can be as standard as original, or it can be changed a little bit to increase the design sense. For example, you can make each of the square tilt a little bit and the complete design will be full with imagination and design sense.