Plain finish stainless steel side table with glass top

Today we introduce one stainless steel side table with original plain finish; there is no plating colors at all, only the shinning mirror effect of original surface of stainless steel. The whole stainless steel side table expresses simple, natural and fresh feelings. Also the transparent tempered glass used as the top, which make the table looks clear from top to bottom. The mirror surface used to comply with the entire effect.

stainless steel side table

Mirror finishing is the best effect we can have on stainless steel before the plating technology available, and it is easy to accomplish on stainless steel material. On this stainless steel side table, all the joint positions are polished to remove the welding dots and have the clear surface to comply with the finish of the tubes. It took a lot of time and work to do this job as any possible defects would looks bigger on product, as there is no cover of colors.

Image there is one welding dot at the joint position between two legs of the stainless steel side table, it would look very obvious and lower the grade the product. So it needs the workers to be very careful when during the welding, make sure the connection clear but also need to ensure the legs welded strong enough. Otherwise some of the tubes may get off after transportation or use.

The tempered glass used a lot in decoration field, for example there would big size of the glass needed for laser cut metal screens, the glass used to cover the pattern of the screens from two sides; also the stainless steel door use glass as the middle part besides the stainless steel frames. For the glass on this stainless steel side table, it is a little special as it placed horizontally, and no grooves to fix it. The no-shadow glue will be used to connect it with the metal table.

Choose the right color for decorative metal screens

Plating color on decorative metal screens is the value added part and it is main feature of the metal screens, which make it special, attractive and unique. There are kinds of plating colors available for decorative metal screens, whose trait is different, so need to be careful while choose the plating for your screens, need to consider the use environment, cost and personal preference.

The main colors used on decorative metal screens include titanium gold, champagne gold, rose gold, copper, black.etc. Cannot say which one is better but it does have the right one for the right product. Also need to consider the surface finish while choose the color, is it mirror finishing, hair brushed or vibration line. The color won’t change a lot on the different surface, but the effect won’t be a little bit different for sure.

stainless steel color

Generally the titanium gold color is the most popular one used on decorative metal screens. Titanium, also called “brass” by some clients, which is the one most close to the real gold color. It has great decoration effect on laser cut metal screens with its gold shinning color. Champagne gold is originated from the color of the champagne; it is not that shining as the gold, but it is fresher. Would like to say more about the copper color, strictly there are many kinds of copper, red, yellow and green, they are the development based on the natural copper color.

Sometimes you won’t have the expected effect of the decorative metal screens with the color you choose. It may look fine on the sample, but when you fix the screens in the use place, the color effect may change a little. For example, a mirror gold color looks shinning when the lights or angle is fine, but when you put it in the room it won’t as shining as it’s before.

Wood table metal legs for decoration

It is a little bit strange to start the article with this name; wood table is the table made of wood whey there is metal legs, as we said it is for decoration only. Normally the table metal legs are made of steel or stainless steel with surface finishing, the finishing is important if you want to add the decor effect on it. Mainly the table metal legs we are doing are in stainless steel.

We can see the wood table with metal legs in below photo; the first feeling is the design is very simple and practical, there are only two metal legs and table top is just a complete natural solid wood, which is gracious and calm. But let’s check the metal legs, the metal legs have mirror surface finishing and in gold color, very modern and luxury.

table metal legs

That is contrast! Actually this kind of design is more and more popular, which make there is a big need of this table metal legs. As the manufacturer of the decorative metal products, our job is to make the metal legs according to clients’ designs and needs, and provide the opinions on the design and the fixture from our professional point of view.

There would be a lot of design space on the table metal legs; it can be a flat base, round support just two or three legs at some positions only. Additional the shape can be very various as soon as the bottom is flat and there are positions for the assembly with top wood. And the colors, there are several plating colors available for stainless steel, gold, rose, brass, copper, just choose the one has the best effect with the wood.

Another style of decorative metal screens

Well, our website called laser cut screens but we have to say the screens of laser cut metal panels is just one of the styles of decorative metal screens. Another style of the decorative metal screens is to form the decorative pattern by connecting and welding the metal pipes or metal pieces together to have the wanted design, like the view, geometric, abstract pattern, etc.

The main feature of the welding decorative metal screens is it has the obvious and strong stereo effect. The pattern is formed by the tubes with 10 or 15 mm width rather than laser cut on the 2 or 3 mm thickness panels, which would have much better decoration effect. There would be a lot of welding work that brings the challenge to the works.


Besides using the welding way to put the tubes together to form the pattern on decorative metal screens, sometimes we let them contact directly rather than weld every contact lines. For example, the corner position of the frame made of 15 by 15 mm tubes; we cut the tubes with 45 degrees and use two tubes with 45 degrees to form the corner. Only one dot needs to be welded to hole them together rather than weld the whole line. The natural contact line has better effect.

The vivid views of design on decorative metal screens also can be welded. For example, the pattern on below photo was made in this way: first we cut two pieces of panels with the flower pattern (front view), one put at top and one at bottom with certain height, then we use the extra strips with this certain width wanted to fill all the sides between them, weld and polish nicely.


Yes, it would take a lot time and work to do this kind of decorative metal screens, that’s why its price is much higher than the normal laser cut screens. Sometimes clients wonder why the price is so high as only a few of material used, material never was the main part of laser cut screens cost but the labor cost. Only the seasoned and patient works can do this job well and that would take a lot time and effort.

Decorative stainless steel table base with round solid wood

The feature of the stainless steel table base is the variety; there is big space for designers. You can use the simple stainless steel cart to hold the wood, or you can make a nice design for the base, just like the photo below.

stainless steel table base

We can see it is a round table with wood on top and the stainless steel table base at bottom. It is made of stainless steel; the surface finishing is electro plating copper. Don’t doubt it is stainless steel, for now only stainless steel material after plating can have this effect. Generally the base looks very antique.

The shape of the stainless steel table base is also made by welding. First cut two pieces of panel with the shape of each part (front view), then cut the panel with the shape at the sides, and then weld them together to form each part. The specialty of this product is three parts are connected together.

Like the other stainless steel table base, there are holes for screws at the top of the support to connect the base with the top wood. The difficulty of this product is the stainless steel support needs to be flat at both top and bottom to keep the wood horizontal and to keep the table stable on ground.

This product is the typical modern stainless steel table with the combination of the metal and natural wood. It can be used as the reading table, tea table, coffee table or the dining table. It is suitable to display in the hotels rooms or the living room in personal houses.

Specification of decorative stainless steel door

The decorative stainless steel door is kind of special in the metal decoration field. The door is more practicable, people would open and shut it many times in a day and in some degree it takes the reasonability of safety. So it is challenging to make a stainless steel door with the combination of decorative appearance and the basic door function of safety.

What need to be provided to have the quote of the decorative stainless steel door? First, the sizes of the door need to be provided, the size include the width, height and the wall thickness. If you don’t know the size of the door, the open size of the building is fine, we would provide the drawing with the right size of the door to fit the building.


Second, need to know the style of the decorative stainless steel door. Is it the simple style with metal frame at sides and glass in the middle or the laser cut metal with pattern is added on the glass? Also, need to know if the door frame is needed, the door frame here means if need to use the metal material to cover the wall for decoration and the door will mount to the door frames. If there is no door frame, the stainless steel door would just assemble to the building.

There are many details of the decorative stainless steel door needs to be confirmed before production, such as the assembly style, will it fixed to wall by hinge or floor spring ? Also need to confirm if there is special requirement to the door handle, lock, glass thickness, stainless steel colors, etc. Yes, you may think there’re too many things need to check, but it is the way to ensure everything would be done correctly in international purchasing. The more you check, the less chance to make mistake.

Decorative stainless steel tea table example introduction

Today we’d like to introduce one of our decorative stainless steel tea tables; tea table is one of the main categories among the decorative metal furniture. Attached the photo of the decorative stainless steel tea table below, we can see that it is a square tea table has a large black metal base and the top of the table is solid wood.

decorative stainless steel tea tableFirst, the metal part of the tea table is made of stainless steel, no matter how black or any color it looks like. Sometimes people don’t believe it is stainless steel as it is not like what we see or what we think it should be in normal life. In decoration industry, the stainless steel can have several colors by plating.

We can see the base structure of this stainless steel tea table is very complicated, the whole base looks like a complete body and there’s no machining or welding mark can be seen. And we are sure it must be hollow, so how it is was made?

The stainless steel tea table base was made by welding. Firstly we laser cut two pieces panel with shape of the base (front view), then we calculated the shape and the size needed of the middle parts (the one in left, middle and right), then we weld them together by full welding, then we polish all the welding positions as smooth as possible. There are holes for screws at the end of the top, which is invisible, to connect the wood and the support at bottom.

The stainless steel tea table will be plated when it’s done; the plating colors include brass, gold, rose, black, blue, coffee, etc. Besides electro-plating, the painting and powder coating is also available. Normally the mothproof solid wood like walnut is suitable for top. So it combines the modern and fashion of the metal and the natural of the solid wood.

What is the price of laser cut screens ?

Would like to give a brief introduction to the price of the laser cut screens, some clients are concern about price but for now they don’t have the detailed drawings, design or specification, they just wanted to know the general cost of the laser cut screens before the purchasing.

Generally the price of the laser cut screens is determined by three factors, the material, the laser cutting and the surface finishing. It is easy to understand the material cost, which includes the laser cut panel, the frame at each side and the frames inside each side. Normally the main stainless steel using is 201 and 304, 304 is more expensive. The thickness of the laser cut panel using is around 1 to 3 mm, depends on the use of each project.

price of laser cut screens

The laser cutting cost is the main impact factor to price of laser cut screens. The laser cutting cost depends on the total cutting distance and the thickness of the panel. The thicker panel takes more energy to do the laser cutting, which makes higher laser cutting cost. The total laser cutting distance depends on the complexity of the design pattern; it is the only main difference on cost between different designs. The surface finishing cost does not have much difference between different methods or different colors, only the special color would cost more.

Generally the price of the laser cut screens is around 150 to 300 USD per square meters, assuming with 2 mm thickness 304 stainless steel panels and the laser cut design pattern on. Please note there would some special design on the structure which cost more, for example when the size of the screens is too large, it would be made into two, three or more parts, then connected them together when it arrive at clients’ place.

Stainless steel furniture is popular in decorative metal industry

It looks decorative stainless steel furniture is more and more popular. Unlike the laser cut screens, using stainless steel base as the support of the furniture can be very flexible in shape; it can be square, round, flat or just formed by several tubes. Also, there is a big demand of such products like the modern hotels, offices. We are going to post one modern metal table or chair every two weeks to introduce this popular product.

The stainless steel furniture was made for one of our clients, which is a large wood furniture factory. They were trying to add some “value” on their products but they don’t know stainless steel at all. We provided the solution of the stainless steel base after communicate with their engineers. We introduced the features, the possible colors and the technical specifications. Need to combine the knowledge of the wood and the stainless steel.

stainless steel furniture

Then we paid more attention to this and found out the stainless steel furniture is already popular in international design field. There would be contrast brought by the wood and metal, and it combines the modern of metal and the natural of the wood, which makes fashion. For now the decorative metal furniture is popular, you can see the stainless steel luggage cart, stainless steel based side table in hotels, the metal based tea tables in personal residence.

For now our main business target of stainless steel furniture is cooperate with the wood furniture manufacturers, the design studios or the clients who are able to do the wood part themselves. We would give our professional views on the metal base of the furniture and ensure the practicability of the whole product.

Plated stainless steel introduction

The plated stainless steel has the decoration colors, which make it as the material for the decorative metal products like screens, doors, furniture, etc. The main color of the plated stainless steel has titanium, rose gold, champagne gold, bronze, copper, etc. It enriched the use of the stainless steel, and it’s the main decoration element of decorative metal products.

Unlike the other metals, the goal of the plated stainless steel is to decorate and the plating layer is not other element. It is zinc plating for steel to prevent the rust and it is chrome for the washing hardware, but normally it is film layer with color for stainless steel plating. The stainless steel already has the good surface, it is smooth and anti-rust, and the plated stainless steel make it even better.


Sometimes people don’t recognize this technology, because the plating effect is too real and lifelike. Gold colors have large proportion among plate stainless steel, people like to but don’t know what it is, it cannot be real gold and looks it has nothing to do with stainless steel. Yes, it is stainless steel after plating. Also it is well known as PVD plating.

There is material of plating stainless steel selling in market like the plated pipes, sheets, etc. We can buy them and use directly for some simple products like the sheet metal ones. We can cut and bend them directly to get the products we want. But for the complicated products needs welding processing, we cannot use the plated stainless steel to do the production. We would use the original plain stainless steel and plate them after welding.