Advantages of metal wine rack

Using the metal wine rack to display and store the wines are more and more popular, we’ll find the sellers would use the metal wine rack to show their wine products when they are doing the promotion on fair, TV or the online video. Also, the restaurants and the hotels like to use the metal wine cabinet to store the red wines in the dining room. We’ll introduce the features and the advantages of the metal wine rack.

The basic advantage of the metal wine rack is that the metal won’t crack, get moldy or moth eaten by the wet environment or the insects. Yes, the traditional wine shelf would use the good wood material to prevent the above possible problems. But if use the metal ones, you don’t need to worry about this at all. Some clients like to store the wines in the basement where is dark, wet and unventilated, would be much better to use the metal wine racks.

metal wine rack

In additional, the metal wine rack is more modern. Normally the metal wine shelf would use the stainless steel with the glossy finish, there would be doors and tempered glass which makes the whole product looks fashion and modern. People can see the red wines displayed directly through the transparent glass, the wines can be put in several positions and angels, it can be put vertically, horizontally or slantly. Also the surface finishing technology is very developed now; especially the electro plating on stainless steel can have the vivid lovely colors. All of these features make the metal wine rack look modern and suitable to use in the modern hotels and restaurants.

Besides, some high requirements of the wine displaying and storage can be only achieved on the metal wine rack. For example, some red wines need to be stored in the environment of constant temperature and humidity to have the best taste. The metal wine rack has the better sealing property and more suitable to assemble the equipment of constant temp and humidity.

Special use of the brushed stainless steel

All the stainless steel products except the precise mechanical parts can use the brushed stainless steel, after all it is just a kind of the surface finishing, what it impacts is only physical and only on surface. And most time the brushed stainless steel used for the panels or the pipes which have the large area of the even surface, which make the effect has obvious difference to the mirror finishing.

The brushed stainless steel is the one which has the lines on the surface, the brushed lines are orderly, and all the lines have the same direction and same space between them. The brushed technology would lose some thickness of the material; it would take around 0.1 to 0.2 mm thickness. The brushed lines would be easy to get dirty or oil as it is not as smooth as before, it would be important to clean it regularly.

brushed stainless steel

The most popular use of the brushed stainless steel is the indoor products, like the metal screens, room divider, sliding door, etc., the products you don’t want them look shinning in room. The shining surface would be too bright and the color is affected by the lights indoor, which would make it look too complicated and make people dizzy. Sometimes the best way to show the product is not to make them shinning but to make them calm, only the calm ones are special and conspicuous in the noisy environment. The brushed stainless steel is the calm one among the decorative metal products.

There would be another option beside the brushed stainless steel if you think the lines are not enough, it is called vibration finish. There will be messy lines on the entire stainless steel surface of vibration finish with no order, no direction, and the lines will be as messy as they can. It is the developed version of the brushed stainless steel. Maybe that’s because it is so easy to have the smooth mirror finishing, the brushed stainless steel looks special and upscale instead.

Brief introduction of stainless steel grades, easy and practical

There are too many introductions of stainless steel grades and sometimes it is too professional, they would group or introduce the material from the inner structure or the principle, element content or mechanical and chemical property. It is great science article, but too complicated for normal people, people who just want to know some common sense of stainless steel grades, which would be helpful to them while shopping or working.

stainless steel grades

The most popular stainless steel grades are 201, 304, and 316. Forget about others and no need to care about them if it is not your professional field and you just want to know what they have and which is better. That’s enough for most ones; just know it as the common sense and regular knowledge of metals.

The most important rule among this three stainless steel grades is “the higher, the better”. 316 is the best and 304 is better than 201. And this rule is workable in stainless steel filed for other grades even your never hear them before, higher ones are better, the price is higher for same product with 304 than the ones with 201.

The main feature of stainless steel is the anti rust property, and this feature is also can be seen on stainless steel grades. 201 is okay for most items but if the working environment is close to sea or you want longer life of them, would be necessary to use 304. And 316 is workable for most conditions. If still there are more requirements, just choose the higher one than 316, the stainless steel grades start with 4, 5, 6, or just ones higher than 316.

Main categories of decorative metal sheets

There are many decorative metal sheets with different styles for different use. It is very hard to find the exact information you want in short time, the name is too sweeping, and all the metal sheets used for decoration purpose can use this name. We would like to make a collection of them to list the main categories of decorative metal sheets.

Perforated metal sheets

Yes, perforated panels are the main decorative metal sheets before the other technologies. Its original purpose is to have good performance of heat radiation, which widely used as the cabinet panel and the seating chairs, and then it is started used as the ceilings. There are other shapes of holes developed on perforated panels besides the round ones, make it more attractive and more lovely, which make it more suitable for decoration use.

decorative metal sheets

Plated stainless steel sheets

Now it is most popular item among the decorative metal sheets, it is the first one people can image in mind. The vivid color on mirror finishing provides high grade decoration at very low cost; a gold color metal mirror may only cost 50 dollars, and it makes many luxury designs become possible. Modern and luxury is its features, lovely colors of gold, rose, blue, etc. with mirror finishing, you will want to use them to decorate the room.

Etching and pressing

Etching on panels is able to transfer the pattern from the film to metal surface. All the designs, patterns, views and person images can be made on decorative metal sheets easily by etching. The etched colorful sheets can be used as the elevator door panels and the ceilings. Unlike the etching, the mark pressing technology is pressing the metal sheets to form the images on surface. The patterns are more stereoscopic, and it is suitable for door frame and photo frame.

decorative metal sheets

Wood grain pvc coated

The technology in decorative metal sheets field is developing rapidly. Now you cannot distinguish the wood from the metal just by its appearance. The wood grain pvc film coated on metal sheets make it look as same as natural wood, but it is cheaper and stable than wood. This kind of material is suitable for hand rails, interior wall decoration, etc.

Why the laser cutter price is very different from one another

You may find the laser cutter price is very different when you check the price online, which make you feel confused, don’t know which supplier is better or what kind of machine to choose. From our point of view, it is important to know what kind of machinery you need before you check the laser cutter price, because there is more than one category of laser cutter in market.

The laser cutter is the machinery use the power of laser to cut the material. Depends on the material it cuts, there are laser cutter for non-metal material which is also called laser cutter engraver and the laser cutter for metal material. So make sure what kind of material you will need the machine to cut before you check the laser cutter price. The price of these two types’ equipment can be very different.

laser cutter price

It only costs several hundred dollars for the laser cutter engraver and the price of the metal laser cutter can be up to half million dollars. The laser cutter engraver is suitable to cut the acrylic, cloth, leather, wood, bamboo, etc. the metal laser cutting machine is suitable for steel, aluminum, copper, etc. The machinery power is the most important specification, which determines the machinery type, structure and price. The lowest power of the engraver is only 40 watt while the metal laser cutter’s power is more than 300 watt.

laser cutter price
laser cutting machine

Besides, the working table and the components also impact the laser cutter price. Sometimes we can see that the machine has large size honeycomb working table, the size of the working area is main specification. Also there may be extra laser tubes for replacement along with the machinery would increase the price, the components brand they are using and the after sell service level is also part of the laser cutter price.

Find the best supplier of laser cutting service

Nowadays it is very easy to find the laser cutting service online, either local shops with one or two laser cutters or the overseas large metal processing manufacturer doing other works besides laser cutting. People may get confused while choose the supplier to do the laser cutting job, what kind of shops should I choose or how to know if the supplier’s laser cutting service is good.

laser cutting cost calculation

Now that it is called service, we can compare them from the quality, price, delivery time and others. The quality of the laser cutting service is very subtle, it looks the quality is ensured by the laser cutter only, but the workers’ level and attitude is very important. The system would recommend the cutting route and start working automatically, but it would be better to double check and approve it by people. The unreasonable cutting route may leave the spots at the starting and finishing positions. Also, the cutting speed is very important. All the laser cutting shops like to cut the panels as fast as they can to save power, but the panels may be cannot cut through if it is too fast, especially for the narrow places of the thick panels. Yes, they will not tell you this actively but the shops with good laser cutting service should consider about this before cutting.

Better to know the basic way of laser cutting cost calculation before contact the suppliers, it is fine if the price is higher for low quantity, but it would be not good if the price is much higher than the industry standard even the quantity is fine. Like the other fields, the level of laser cutting service can be seen through details.

Are they willing to make the simple drawings for you? Are they willing to do your small urgent order first? Are they willing to check the price and order the steel sheets for you? Is there packing of the cut parts and how about the service attitude? Yes, there are many reasons or excuses if the supplier cannot do these, but there are always solutions for the shops with good laser cutting service.

Corten steel- the best material for garden screens

It is great to have the garden screens to separate the places in yard or garden, also add the decoration based on the nature. Getting rust is the problem forever for metal in outdoor, and the metal would get rust faster in the wet environment, it would be very inconvenient if the screens get rust soon and use life is very short. So it is necessary to have the right material for the garden screens in outdoor.

garden screens
garden screens

Aluminum is anti rust naturally, it looks it is the right choice for the garden screens in outdoor. Also stainless steel is fine too, it won’t get rust theoretically. Color and surface finishing is important for screens, which determine the decoration level. The aluminum panels can be painted to any color you want by painting or powder coating, and so does the stainless steel. It looks we already have the options for material of decorative screens.

The only shortage of the aluminum and the stainless steel is the color on the surface is too even. Yes, being even on surface is good but it is too stiff for garden screens. The plants in garden will change along with the weather and season, why cannot the screens change. Wow, it sounds too harsh. Unfortunately there is one material can meet this requirement. It is Corten steel.

The Corten steel looks like same as the normal steel, maybe just a little bit dark. But it would be very different from the other steel panels when it gets rust. What? It will rust? Sound it not suitable for garden screens, because what we are looking for is the one won’t rust, the rust ones will bring troubles, the screens’ life is short, it takes time and money to clean and replace the rust screens. But what if the rust makes it beautiful?

Yes, the rust on Corten steel makes it more beautiful. The rust color will change every year, the longer it stays outdoor, the darker the color is. The rust color is different from one area to another, some place is dark, some place is light and you can see the rain washed mark on the garden screens made of Corten. The more important thing is the Corten steel has much longer life in outdoor, even it get rust. The rust layer attached on the steel hardly, proper varnish will form the coating which provide an isolation layer to prevent more rust happen. Want to have garden screens? Have a try of Corten steel.

Is it worth buying the decorative screens from overseas?

Decorative screens are more and more popular and used a lot in interior decoration. Consumers or end users wondering if it would be cheaper if buy the decorative screens overseas rather than the local places. Economy globalization is more mature no matter whether you like it or not, people are more likely to accept the importing and overseas online shopping. But in this case, it is a little bit special.

decorative screens
decorative screens

The interior decoration is very personal and so are the decorative screens. You cannot just buy it online like a slipper; it needs to be custom made normally. First the size is the main issue to consider, the size need to fit the reserved place and the screens need to be assembled safely. Secondly, everyone has her or his liked design, style and colors; everyone wants the decorative screens made by her or his mind.

So what to do now, it looks complicated to buy the decorative screens by yourself. No worries, you will know a lot about the product and you will let the manufacturer know what you know after several times communications by emails. You can measure the sizes yourself or let the contractor give you the size of the reserved place for screens. For the design, just search the photos of the designs you like and show it to your supplier, they will let you know the cost and they will do the engineering work. Remember, just show them the photos of the design you like.

We won’t just say it is worth or it is not worth doing so, even we are the professional manufacturer an exporter of the decorative screens. The shipping cost is always the issue while buy overseas, let the supplier quote the decorative screens along with the shipping cost, then compare the cost purchase the screens locally, you will know which is cheaper. Don’t worry about that you don’t know how to do importing, what you need to do is just sign the parcels, just like you buy on EBay or Amazon. Yes, air shipping by international company is just so easy.

Features of laser cut door panels used for indoor

The laser cut door panels is different from the other panels made by laser cutting at some degrees although the material and processing is same. All its features are determined by its use, it would be used as the gate or the indoor sliding door or the movable screens. So it needs to be adjusted on design, surface finishing and assembly to fit the use and the environment, designers and manufacturers need to consider this before the production.

On the design, the laser cut door panels are mainly use the dense design with repeat patterns; it is kind of like the privacy screens, which provide the shelter and private room when the door closed. The meaning of the door would be missing if there is big visible space after close the door. The most important thing to remember that it is a door; the laser cut pattern is just for decoration.

laser cut door panels

On the surface finishing, normally the laser cut door panels won’t use the bright or the shining color with the mirror finishing, instead the dark or the silent colors with hair brushed surface. People don’t want their door too obvious, especially when it is for indoor environment. The light is not that strong in room and people will see it as long as they are in the room, it would feel uncomfortable if the door is shinning. Normally the gate in outdoor is in black and the indoor laser cut door panel is in brushed green copper or champagne gold which is not that strong.

Besides, there are some special features of the laser cut door panels. The first thing needs to be considered is the assembly, because most time it is for indoor use and there is no space to use the hinges for floor springs to fix it. The most common assembly way is to hang the laser cut door panel and use it as the sliding door. Also the anti finger print treatment is needed to protection surface, as it would be open and closed many times.

Custom design metal sofa legs

The meal sofa legs have longer life than the normal ones made of wood. It won’t deform or crack, easy to clean, tougher and more reliable, and now we can add the decoration on it. The wood legs would get crack or deform when it used long time in wet environment, the paint or it may off or the surface may get dirty. All of these possible problems won’t happen on metal sofa legs, the metal material is totally different from wood.

Generally there are two kinds of the metal sofa legs in respect of the metal structure, the metal sofa leg in hollow and the leg in solid. Although the hollow sofa legs are strong enough but most consumers tend to use the solid ones. The hollow sofa legs can hold 2 to 3 tons weight, while the solid sofa legs can hold more than 10 tons weight and even more if it is in right structure. So if there would some big guys sit on the sofa, better use the solid metal sofa legs, LOL!

metal sofa legs

What material would you use for the metal sofa leg, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper? Apparently the aluminum is not suitable as it is too soft and easy to deform. Also copper material is too expensive to use as the sofa legs, especially for the solid ones. So steel is the best choice. Both the normal steel and the stainless steel can be used for metal sofa legs. Normal steel is cheaper but the surface finishing is needed as it would rust, stainless steel is more convenient and it is more modern using on the sofa.

The surface finishing is very flexible on the metal sofa leg. Either painting or powder coating is workable on stainless steel or normal carbon steel. Chrome plating is used on carbon steel sometime which make it more like stainless steel. So why should we use the stainless steel directly. Also we can plate the colors on stainless steel sofa leg, just what we do for the stainless steel furniture and the metal screens.