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Custom design metal sofa legs

The meal sofa legs have longer life than the normal ones made of wood. It won’t deform or crack, easy to clean, tougher and more reliable, and now we can add the decoration on it. The wood legs would get crack or deform when it used long time in wet environment, the paint or it may off or the surface may get dirty. All of these possible problems won’t happen on metal sofa legs, the metal material is totally different from wood.

Generally there are two kinds of the metal sofa legs in respect of the metal structure, the metal sofa leg in hollow and the leg in solid. Although the hollow sofa legs are strong enough but most consumers tend to use the solid ones. The hollow sofa legs can hold 2 to 3 tons weight, while the solid sofa legs can hold more than 10 tons weight and even more if it is in right structure. So if there would some big guys sit on the sofa, better use the solid metal sofa legs, LOL!

metal sofa legs

What material would you use for the metal sofa leg, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper? Apparently the aluminum is not suitable as it is too soft and easy to deform. Also copper material is too expensive to use as the sofa legs, especially for the solid ones. So steel is the best choice. Both the normal steel and the stainless steel can be used for metal sofa legs. Normal steel is cheaper but the surface finishing is needed as it would rust, stainless steel is more convenient and it is more modern using on the sofa.

The surface finishing is very flexible on the metal sofa leg. Either painting or powder coating is workable on stainless steel or normal carbon steel. Chrome plating is used on carbon steel sometime which make it more like stainless steel. So why should we use the stainless steel directly. Also we can plate the colors on stainless steel sofa leg, just what we do for the stainless steel furniture and the metal screens.