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Is it worth buying the decorative screens from overseas?

Decorative screens are more and more popular and used a lot in interior decoration. Consumers or end users wondering if it would be cheaper if buy the decorative screens overseas rather than the local places. Economy globalization is more mature no matter whether you like it or not, people are more likely to accept the importing and overseas online shopping. But in this case, it is a little bit special.

decorative screens
decorative screens

The interior decoration is very personal and so are the decorative screens. You cannot just buy it online like a slipper; it needs to be custom made normally. First the size is the main issue to consider, the size need to fit the reserved place and the screens need to be assembled safely. Secondly, everyone has her or his liked design, style and colors; everyone wants the decorative screens made by her or his mind.

So what to do now, it looks complicated to buy the decorative screens by yourself. No worries, you will know a lot about the product and you will let the manufacturer know what you know after several times communications by emails. You can measure the sizes yourself or let the contractor give you the size of the reserved place for screens. For the design, just search the photos of the designs you like and show it to your supplier, they will let you know the cost and they will do the engineering work. Remember, just show them the photos of the design you like.

We won’t just say it is worth or it is not worth doing so, even we are the professional manufacturer an exporter of the decorative screens. The shipping cost is always the issue while buy overseas, let the supplier quote the decorative screens along with the shipping cost, then compare the cost purchase the screens locally, you will know which is cheaper. Don’t worry about that you don’t know how to do importing, what you need to do is just sign the parcels, just like you buy on EBay or Amazon. Yes, air shipping by international company is just so easy.