Features of laser cut door panels used for indoor

The laser cut door panels is different from the other panels made by laser cutting at some degrees although the material and processing is same. All its features are determined by its use, it would be used as the gate or the indoor sliding door or the movable screens. So it needs to be adjusted on design, surface finishing and assembly to fit the use and the environment, designers and manufacturers need to consider this before the production.

On the design, the laser cut door panels are mainly use the dense design with repeat patterns; it is kind of like the privacy screens, which provide the shelter and private room when the door closed. The meaning of the door would be missing if there is big visible space after close the door. The most important thing to remember that it is a door; the laser cut pattern is just for decoration.

laser cut door panels

On the surface finishing, normally the laser cut door panels won’t use the bright or the shining color with the mirror finishing, instead the dark or the silent colors with hair brushed surface. People don’t want their door too obvious, especially when it is for indoor environment. The light is not that strong in room and people will see it as long as they are in the room, it would feel uncomfortable if the door is shinning. Normally the gate in outdoor is in black and the indoor laser cut door panel is in brushed green copper or champagne gold which is not that strong.

Besides, there are some special features of the laser cut door panels. The first thing needs to be considered is the assembly, because most time it is for indoor use and there is no space to use the hinges for floor springs to fix it. The most common assembly way is to hang the laser cut door panel and use it as the sliding door. Also the anti finger print treatment is needed to protection surface, as it would be open and closed many times.