Main categories of decorative metal sheets

There are many decorative metal sheets with different styles for different use. It is very hard to find the exact information you want in short time, the name is too sweeping, and all the metal sheets used for decoration purpose can use this name. We would like to make a collection of them to list the main categories of decorative metal sheets.

Perforated metal sheets

Yes, perforated panels are the main decorative metal sheets before the other technologies. Its original purpose is to have good performance of heat radiation, which widely used as the cabinet panel and the seating chairs, and then it is started used as the ceilings. There are other shapes of holes developed on perforated panels besides the round ones, make it more attractive and more lovely, which make it more suitable for decoration use.

decorative metal sheets

Plated stainless steel sheets

Now it is most popular item among the decorative metal sheets, it is the first one people can image in mind. The vivid color on mirror finishing provides high grade decoration at very low cost; a gold color metal mirror may only cost 50 dollars, and it makes many luxury designs become possible. Modern and luxury is its features, lovely colors of gold, rose, blue, etc. with mirror finishing, you will want to use them to decorate the room.

Etching and pressing

Etching on panels is able to transfer the pattern from the film to metal surface. All the designs, patterns, views and person images can be made on decorative metal sheets easily by etching. The etched colorful sheets can be used as the elevator door panels and the ceilings. Unlike the etching, the mark pressing technology is pressing the metal sheets to form the images on surface. The patterns are more stereoscopic, and it is suitable for door frame and photo frame.

decorative metal sheets

Wood grain pvc coated

The technology in decorative metal sheets field is developing rapidly. Now you cannot distinguish the wood from the metal just by its appearance. The wood grain pvc film coated on metal sheets make it look as same as natural wood, but it is cheaper and stable than wood. This kind of material is suitable for hand rails, interior wall decoration, etc.