Why the laser cutter price is very different from one another

You may find the laser cutter price is very different when you check the price online, which make you feel confused, don’t know which supplier is better or what kind of machine to choose. From our point of view, it is important to know what kind of machinery you need before you check the laser cutter price, because there is more than one category of laser cutter in market.

The laser cutter is the machinery use the power of laser to cut the material. Depends on the material it cuts, there are laser cutter for non-metal material which is also called laser cutter engraver and the laser cutter for metal material. So make sure what kind of material you will need the machine to cut before you check the laser cutter price. The price of these two types’ equipment can be very different.

laser cutter price

It only costs several hundred dollars for the laser cutter engraver and the price of the metal laser cutter can be up to half million dollars. The laser cutter engraver is suitable to cut the acrylic, cloth, leather, wood, bamboo, etc. the metal laser cutting machine is suitable for steel, aluminum, copper, etc. The machinery power is the most important specification, which determines the machinery type, structure and price. The lowest power of the engraver is only 40 watt while the metal laser cutter’s power is more than 300 watt.

laser cutter price
laser cutting machine

Besides, the working table and the components also impact the laser cutter price. Sometimes we can see that the machine has large size honeycomb working table, the size of the working area is main specification. Also there may be extra laser tubes for replacement along with the machinery would increase the price, the components brand they are using and the after sell service level is also part of the laser cutter price.