Corten steel- the best material for garden screens

It is great to have the garden screens to separate the places in yard or garden, also add the decoration based on the nature. Getting rust is the problem forever for metal in outdoor, and the metal would get rust faster in the wet environment, it would be very inconvenient if the screens get rust soon and use life is very short. So it is necessary to have the right material for the garden screens in outdoor.

garden screens
garden screens

Aluminum is anti rust naturally, it looks it is the right choice for the garden screens in outdoor. Also stainless steel is fine too, it won’t get rust theoretically. Color and surface finishing is important for screens, which determine the decoration level. The aluminum panels can be painted to any color you want by painting or powder coating, and so does the stainless steel. It looks we already have the options for material of decorative screens.

The only shortage of the aluminum and the stainless steel is the color on the surface is too even. Yes, being even on surface is good but it is too stiff for garden screens. The plants in garden will change along with the weather and season, why cannot the screens change. Wow, it sounds too harsh. Unfortunately there is one material can meet this requirement. It is Corten steel.

The Corten steel looks like same as the normal steel, maybe just a little bit dark. But it would be very different from the other steel panels when it gets rust. What? It will rust? Sound it not suitable for garden screens, because what we are looking for is the one won’t rust, the rust ones will bring troubles, the screens’ life is short, it takes time and money to clean and replace the rust screens. But what if the rust makes it beautiful?

Yes, the rust on Corten steel makes it more beautiful. The rust color will change every year, the longer it stays outdoor, the darker the color is. The rust color is different from one area to another, some place is dark, some place is light and you can see the rain washed mark on the garden screens made of Corten. The more important thing is the Corten steel has much longer life in outdoor, even it get rust. The rust layer attached on the steel hardly, proper varnish will form the coating which provide an isolation layer to prevent more rust happen. Want to have garden screens? Have a try of Corten steel.