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Special use of the brushed stainless steel

All the stainless steel products except the precise mechanical parts can use the brushed stainless steel, after all it is just a kind of the surface finishing, what it impacts is only physical and only on surface. And most time the brushed stainless steel used for the panels or the pipes which have the large area of the even surface, which make the effect has obvious difference to the mirror finishing.

The brushed stainless steel is the one which has the lines on the surface, the brushed lines are orderly, and all the lines have the same direction and same space between them. The brushed technology would lose some thickness of the material; it would take around 0.1 to 0.2 mm thickness. The brushed lines would be easy to get dirty or oil as it is not as smooth as before, it would be important to clean it regularly.

brushed stainless steel

The most popular use of the brushed stainless steel is the indoor products, like the metal screens, room divider, sliding door, etc., the products you don’t want them look shinning in room. The shining surface would be too bright and the color is affected by the lights indoor, which would make it look too complicated and make people dizzy. Sometimes the best way to show the product is not to make them shinning but to make them calm, only the calm ones are special and conspicuous in the noisy environment. The brushed stainless steel is the calm one among the decorative metal products.

There would be another option beside the brushed stainless steel if you think the lines are not enough, it is called vibration finish. There will be messy lines on the entire stainless steel surface of vibration finish with no order, no direction, and the lines will be as messy as they can. It is the developed version of the brushed stainless steel. Maybe that’s because it is so easy to have the smooth mirror finishing, the brushed stainless steel looks special and upscale instead.