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Decorative stainless steel tea table example introduction

Today we’d like to introduce one of our decorative stainless steel tea tables; tea table is one of the main categories among the decorative metal furniture. Attached the photo of the decorative stainless steel tea table below, we can see that it is a square tea table has a large black metal base and the top of the table is solid wood.

decorative stainless steel tea tableFirst, the metal part of the tea table is made of stainless steel, no matter how black or any color it looks like. Sometimes people don’t believe it is stainless steel as it is not like what we see or what we think it should be in normal life. In decoration industry, the stainless steel can have several colors by plating.

We can see the base structure of this stainless steel tea table is very complicated, the whole base looks like a complete body and there’s no machining or welding mark can be seen. And we are sure it must be hollow, so how it is was made?

The stainless steel tea table base was made by welding. Firstly we laser cut two pieces panel with shape of the base (front view), then we calculated the shape and the size needed of the middle parts (the one in left, middle and right), then we weld them together by full welding, then we polish all the welding positions as smooth as possible. There are holes for screws at the end of the top, which is invisible, to connect the wood and the support at bottom.

The stainless steel tea table will be plated when it’s done; the plating colors include brass, gold, rose, black, blue, coffee, etc. Besides electro-plating, the painting and powder coating is also available. Normally the mothproof solid wood like walnut is suitable for top. So it combines the modern and fashion of the metal and the natural of the solid wood.