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Stainless steel furniture is popular in decorative metal industry

It looks decorative stainless steel furniture is more and more popular. Unlike the laser cut screens, using stainless steel base as the support of the furniture can be very flexible in shape; it can be square, round, flat or just formed by several tubes. Also, there is a big demand of such products like the modern hotels, offices. We are going to post one modern metal table or chair every two weeks to introduce this popular product.

The stainless steel furniture was made for one of our clients, which is a large wood furniture factory. They were trying to add some “value” on their products but they don’t know stainless steel at all. We provided the solution of the stainless steel base after communicate with their engineers. We introduced the features, the possible colors and the technical specifications. Need to combine the knowledge of the wood and the stainless steel.

stainless steel furniture

Then we paid more attention to this and found out the stainless steel furniture is already popular in international design field. There would be contrast brought by the wood and metal, and it combines the modern of metal and the natural of the wood, which makes fashion. For now the decorative metal furniture is popular, you can see the stainless steel luggage cart, stainless steel based side table in hotels, the metal based tea tables in personal residence.

For now our main business target of stainless steel furniture is cooperate with the wood furniture manufacturers, the design studios or the clients who are able to do the wood part themselves. We would give our professional views on the metal base of the furniture and ensure the practicability of the whole product.