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Stainless steel floor spring door

stainless-steel-doorThere are two main kinds of floor spring door, the glass door and the stainless steel door. Using hinge is another way for stainless steel door assembly, but more and more users like to use floor spring, especially when the door frame is made of stainless steel and it is a decorative metal door, for example, the stainless steel door for boutique shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The working theory of the floor spring door is that the door is fixed both at the top and the bottom, and it can be rotated around the axis. The floor spring has the features of being invisible, low volume, good appearance, etc. Functionally it combines the door stopper, hinge and door closer. The door can be open freely inward and outward, and it will stop and locked when it reach the position.floor-spring-door

Also, the adjustment of the floor spring door can be achieved through the floor spring. There would be a little bit tilt or deform of the stainless steel door after long time use, we don’t need to take the door off but we adjust open the cap of the floor spring and adjust the screws a little to have the door adjusted.

For the specification, there are not many categories or kinds of the floor spring, but the price can be very different, need to pay attention when the price is too low. Sometime the cheap floor spring does not have the adjustment function and the workmanship is not good. That’s why normally our quote of the stainless steel door does not include the cost of the floor springs.