How hard to make your own laser cut screen art ?

People try to design his or her own laser cut screen art because besides the designing cost it is difficult to communicate with the designers just like the hairdresser never understand the clients’ needs. The DIY’s advantage is you can get exact what you want of the laser cut screen art. But most ones would take it as a hard job.

Yes, it is difficult because you don’t how to do at all. Don’t what you need to get before start; don’t know which software to use or should learn. As same as a rookie trying to do the professional stuff.


Let’s get started by learning. Get some photos of the laser cut screen art you like the most, then try to image the pattern you want to make in mind, and try to draw the pattern by hands during the imaging. You will make progress after practice. Try some other styles later when you are familiar with your favorite ones.

What next is to use the computer software to make your hand drawing of the laser cut screen art become digital. You can try to learn the software by yourselves or have a training course. All the software is easy to learn, just need the time to practice to become skilled. To some degrees, it is easy to do the laser cut screen art, after all it is the 2d designing only.