What’s the use life of laser cut screens outdoor ?

There are material options of carbon steel, Corten steel, stainless steel, aluminum for laser cut screens. We all know the stainless steel and the aluminum has long life in outdoor, they can stay for at least 5 years if the place is not close to sea or the other corrosive environment. The Corten steel ? It is born for outdoor, it can have 10 years without surface finishing. The carbon steel needs to be cared about in outdoor.

The stainless steel or the aluminum has the special use for outdoor, for example the company name, the light box, sculpture, etc. But they are not suitable for yard fence for garden screens, because the surface is too smooth, it may reflective the light and make it shinning in sunshine. And they are too modern, it needs be more natural of the laser cut screens outdoor material, otherwise it conflicts.

corten steel in outdoor

The surface finishing not only add the decoration but also provide the protection which would increase a lot of the life for laser cut screens. There are zinc plating, painting, powder coating for carbon steel. Zinc plating is the most common way but it is not good looking, only suitable for the functional parts. There are color options of painting and powder coating and it can protect the steel pretty well. We believe the carbon laser cut screens for outdoor can last 5 years if there is good protection and maintained.

The alternative name of Corten steel is weather resistant steel, the material property can last long in outdoor. So many outdoor building made of corten steel, for example the track rail, the metal sculpture, curtain wall (e.g. the Barclays Center). Suggest use the corten steel for laser cut screens outdoor use, it lasts long time. And if you do the proper maintain, it is rust resistant forever.