Laser cut architectural screens the big guy in decoration world

The laser cut architectural screens is the favorite product that the engineering company like to do. After all the big guy in the decoration world would contribute a lot of business turnover. To some degrees the laser cut architectural screens is not a screen or a piece of furniture anymore, it is the part of the project like the curtain wall.

The entire building could be covered by the laser cut architectural screens completely if you want. We can see the decorative metal panels used as the curtain wall to wrap the building, or the laser cut architectural screens used as the wall to cover the balcony, cover the corridor, shelter the yard, etc.

laser cut architectural screens
laser cut architectural screens

Considering the outline dimension is too large and there is no single panel can meet the requirement, the splicing is common in the production of the laser cut architectural screens. Normally the panels spliced by welding. It needs to care about the strength of the joint position where the laser cutting would be made.

Pattern of plants are popular on the laser cut architectural screens, trees, branches, rattan, leafs, etc. The abstract or the geometric is not used a lot, otherwise it would be too dense and dazzling, especially on the outdoor use large size metal panels.