Laser cut screen doors the decoration in daily stuff

It would bring a lot of attention if you have laser cut screen doors for your house or office, people can see it when they pass by your house. Not only add the decoration on the daily use stuff, but also show the passion and the love to life. It is the thing that makes you different from others.

And for the company using the laser cut screen doors want the door say something about them. Normally the design studio, the advertising companies like to use the laser cut doors. People would feel the creation and the enthusiasm when they see the door.

laser cut screen doors
laser cut screen doors

The laser cut screen doors must have low density, otherwise people cannot see through it and it is not a screen door anymore. The designers and users need to note about this and choose the right pattern.

Normally there are glasses of the laser cut screen doors. The laser cut metal panels’ edge is sharp and people may get hurt if there’s no protection. In additional, the tempered glass is able to prevent the dust and the insects.

It can be very modern and fashion for the laser cut screen doors used in office. Unlike the house, one single door is enough. Optional colors on laser cut panels and the locks are available for the doors.