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Methods to fix laser cut metal screens

As the supplier of laser cut metal screens, we are thinking about a little bit more than the designers, we need to figure out the way how client would fix the screens and provide our suggestion on structure, try to make it more reasonable and make it easy for clients.

fix laser cut screens

How do you fix a flat metal panel? If you plan to hang it or fix it on the wall, just need to do some holes on the side of the panel, it is easy. The most common situation is client would like to put the laser cut metal screens vertically so that people can see the complete pattern. In this case the panel cannot be flat, unless you are able to bury it on the ground or concrete, which is more complicated and difficult.

folded edgeIn this case we would do the bending of each side to form the folded edge, and drill holes on the folded sides; it would be easy to fix the screens with the ground or ceiling by anchor screws through the holes. And we can connect the panels together by screws through the side holes. Some clients like to fix the metal panels on the rail and post; the side holes are helpful as well.

Besides, the folded edges will make the panel strong. Image what would happen if you put a large size panel vertically, yes it would be very weak even it is fixed. It would be much better if there are folded edges; it is like add the frame or post on the panel.