Something about stainless steel

We are dealing with stainless steel every day and we recommend using stainless steel for laser cut screens, would like to collect the technical specifications and details which the users may be interested.
Most important properties:
–          High oxidation resistance
–          High acid resistance
They are the most important features and the reasons why we use it. The translation in Chinese means the steel which does not rust.
Most used models:
201, 304, 316.
The larger the number, the higher the price and the better the performance. Just like other alloy steel, there are many models and grades of stainless steel, above the most used models which may satisfy most needs.
201 – 7.96  g/cm³
304 – 7.93 g/cm³
316 – 7.98 g/cm³
Well, this is the detail of the stainless steel that someone is wondering. First thing we need to know that it is steel alloy, the main element is Chrome, besides there are many other elements like Ni、Ti、Mn、N、Nb、Mo、Si、Cu, etc. There is no clear computational formula of the density and there is a little difference in density for different models or grades.
- Medical devices
- Food industry: kitchen wares, tools, etc.
- Decorations: building materials
Besides the the routine use as the alloy steel, it is used a lot in some industries based on its features.