Laser cut Corten steel panel for outdoor use

laser cut corten steel panelThe Corten steel is the best material for outdoor use laser cut panel. It is one kind of low alloy steel has good weathering resistance ability, in short, it has much longer life in outdoor. It has 2 to 8 times use life than the normal steel and it’s up to 10 times after coating. Rust is the cancer of steel, no one want their laser cut metal panel disappeared in short time. If you plan to put the laser cut metal panels in outdoor, suggest use the Corten steel.

There are many kinds of use for laser cut metal panels, signs, garden screen, yard fence, gate, etc. You have to consider the rust problem for the outdoor use products, yes we are able to do the protection like painting, powder coating, plating on the surface for decoration and protection, or we can change a way to use the Corten steel.laser cut corten screen

The production method of the laser cut Corten steel panel is same as other material, just no need to do the surface finishing. The original appearance of the Corten steel is quite similar as others, the color is a little darker, but when it get rust, it would be very different. Normally we suggest keep the original surface of the Corten steel and let it get rust slowly. The reason is the rust color of Corten steel is changing, which is another kind of decoration; also it saves the cost of artificial rust.

Now the steel price is dropping, and the Corten steel price is much cheaper than before, please don’t hesitate to have a try of Corten steel if you plan to do some laser cut metal panels. You won’t regret it !