Decorative metal screen popular in tropical regions

Nowadays more and more people know, accept and like decorative metal screen, it looks this product is popular and there is business opportunity all around the world. So we started the exporting business of the decorative metal screen, what we find out is that this product has its own specialty in exporting and using, it has strong territoriality, which means people may like it very much in some place while in somewhere else it is not that attractive.

The most obvious point is the popularity depends on the climate very much, people in tropical regions like the decorative metal screen very much while people in the cold regions don’t have much need of them, and even the region has strong purchasing power. And guess what, it has the same situation in our domestic market; the decorative metal products are popular in hot provinces and the cold places do not have the big need so far.

decorative metal screen

What we have discussed is that the decorative metal screen gives people the cold feeling, it would make people feel cold or it reminds people of cold. Because of the material feature, metal feels more cold than wood. Imagine in summer of tropical region, people likes to sit in the room with the cool air conditioner, the decorative metal screen would increase this fresh cool feeling; while in winter of cold region, everything looks cold even in the room with fireplace, people prefer to use the wood rather than metal to do the furniture or the other products in room, and the summer in these places is short and not that hot.

What we learnt is there is big demand of the decorative metal screen in the tropical areas like the Southeast Asia like Thailand, Malaysia, south Asia like India, and the South America countries like Brazil, Argentine, Chile, etc. and the Africa, especially North African countries. But for the traditional importing countries clients prefer the wood products, there are needs but it is not as big as expected in the case of their strong purchasing power. So colleagues, if you are looking for the business opportunity of decorative metal screen, pay more attention to tropical regions.