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Articles of laser cut screen manufacturing technology and the design.

Laser cutting and water jetting

There are a lot of articles about the laser cutting and the water jetting. You can get a lot information of the definition and the comparisons of these two cutting technology. Would like to compare them from the practical using.

Before doing that, would like to clarify that the laser cutting we mentioned here is for metals. Laser cutting for two main kinds of material: metals and non-metals. We call the laser cutting for non-metals is laser cutter engraver, it suitable for many materials like clothes, leathers, acrylic, bamboo, wood, etc, but it cannot cut metals which another one is for metals only.

laser cutting and water jetting

Applicative Materials

Theoretically both of them can be used to cut ALL the metals, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

But we prefer to cut the aluminum by Water jetting. The explanation is that the aluminum material has the high reflectivity and diathermancy, so it is hard to cut or sometimes we cannot cut it by the laser cutting and it is harmful to the machine. The owner will not be happy if you use the machine to cut the aluminum.

Cutting effect

Laser cutting is better than water jetting without doubt. Laser cutting is faster and it has high precision. For the material thickness less than 3 mm, it is ok to use the water jetting, but if the material is very thick, it is hard and expensive to ensure the cutting effect by water jetting. The normal defect is that there’s a slope between the two surfaces of the cutting part, which is cause by the water.

Each of them has the advantage, depend on the requirements of the parts and the project. And the difference is not obvious when the material is not thick. Water jetting cannot compare with laser cutting on the speed and the precision but unique technology work out the difficulty of the cutting on the aluminum sheet.

Privacy screens

Privacy screens is the artificially classification and it is distinguished with the decorative screens, because the screens are used to provide the shelter and the private spaces for people. So the privacy screens retain the basic function and its style is different from other types.

privacy screens
privacy screens


There’s one parameter to distinguish the screens, the density. The screens density means that how much of the material has been retained. We think the density of the privacy screens will be 70% to 80% at least, otherwise it is decorative screens. If the density is too low means it shows too much skin and it cannot well play a role in screening.

Normally the privacy screens are used as the wall, fence or the structural parts of the temporary room. The wood screens can be used for the shelter of the temporary shower room or the bathroom and the metal one can be used for the fence of garden. The uniform and small patterns is the main style as there are not much material can be cut off.

We think there should not be a strict boundary between the privacy screens and the decorative ones. There’s sheltering function as long as it is a screen. The requirement is different for different usage occasions. The density of screens in the restaurant or the lobby is low but it provides the private space for customers. The more important is they provide a psychological feeling to people, which make people calm, feel protected and private.

Corten steel for laser cut screens

The definition of the Corten steel is the steel which can stand the air corrosion. It is kind of low alloy steel between normal steel and the stainless steel. With the strong corrosion resistance, Corten steel is the ideal material for outdoor laser cut screens.

With the Copper, Chrome and Nickle added in, the Corten steel has excellent mechanical property and corrosion resistance, weather ability is 2 to 8 times as carbon steel. There are two main categories, Corten A and Corten B, it is the representative steel of American Cu-P series steel.

Corten steel

Not only the Corten steel can stand the corrosion, but also we use its feature to do the decoration. We rust it on surface and take the rusting layer for a kind decoration. The color of the rust on Corten is very different from others; it’s darker than the rust on carbon steel, which looks classical. The more important is the rust is absorbed on surface firmly and will not permeate into the inside. So the rust will leave on the surface but no more steel will get rusted.

Austalia pavilion in corten steel

Normally the laser cut screens made of Corten steel is installed in the garden, mixed with the plants or hung on the wall. As far as we know that the clients from Australia is crazy about Corten steel, they used a lot of Corten steel to do the screens and even the outwall of Australia pavilion in 2010 Expo is made of Corten steel.

Surface treatment for laser cut screens

Surface treatment provides the protection of the surface which prolong the usage life but also add the colors of the products. Adding colors is the important part of the laser cut screens as it is used for decoration. Listed the main surface treatments used for screens and their features.


The electrostatic spraying technology ensure the painting material distributed uniformly on the surface. Two materials used for painting, oil painting and polyester. Normally the painting treatment used for aluminum panels.

Powder coating:

powder coating surface treatment

Colorized powder sprayed on the surface, then baked in the high temperature furnace, which will form a colorful layer on surface. The powder coating treatment mostly used on mild steel ( low carbon steel ), it has more smooth surface that looks friendly and long life than normal painting.


It is most difficult and the most expensive technology for laser cut screens surface treatment. We only do the plating on stainless steel as it has extreme smooth surface and the effect is gorgeous. And it is practicable because the stainless steel is also the expensive one for screens.


Corten steel-Australia

Rusting is bad for steel but it is perfect on Corten steel. The special added elements form a rusting layer with high assorption capcity on surface, it will keep the rust but will not let it permeate into the inside. The rusted laser cut steel presents the special  sense of histroy, mostly used in garden or other outdoor occasions.

Colored stainless steel

Stainless steel material is already good enough, it is anti-rust, it has the very smooth surface, looks no need to do any ornament on it. But why we color it ?

Just because it has above features, it is the ideal material used for metal decoration products, like laser cut screens, stainless steel door, decorative furniture.etc. The uncolored stainless steel already used a lot in decoration field, we can make its surface as smooth as a mirror. The colored stainless steel has the incomparable effect than other materials.

Below is the regular colors of the stainless steel processed by plating.

colored stainless steel


The most popular color of stainless steel plating, not only because it is close to gold color, but also because it is the easiest color to get by plating technology.

Rose gold and Champagne gold

If you think Titanium is too common, rose gold and champagne gold would be the choice. The gold background color, plus the graceful surface make it look noble.


Can you imagine the effect of the stainless steel with black surface treatment ? You know what, the black stainless steel express a very special feeling to people, dignified and gorgeous.

black stainless steel


Due to the plating technology, there’re many kinds of bronze. If the color is a little bit close to red, we call it Red bronze, if it’s close to yellow we call it yellow bronze,etc.,<

How to make laser cut screens

Assume everything is clear of the design, the pattern is confirmed, the overall size is checked, the material and the color is chosen, etc., let’s take a look at how to make the laser cut metal screens.

First step: Make the pattern on screen by laser cutting.

Guess that’s the reason why we call it “ laser cut screens ”. Yes, make beautiful but complicated patterns by the laser cutting.

Laser cutting is a great invention which allows us make the irregular patterning on sheet metal in a short time, just like drawing, it will put the exact design you want on metal panel. Output the design from software to machinery; put the sheet metal on work table, that’s it.

Second step: Make the border / frame of the laser cut panel.

The border is needed for most screens. The simple way is to fold the sides of the screen to make it have a base, which make it stand on the place where we put it. First we need to have the margin on the laser cut panel for the sides, then bend the sides to make it.

If there is frame of the screen, need to connect the laser cut panel to the frames. Be careful to do the welding as it is the crucial part, the material character and the welding technology will be considered.

All the processes need to be done in a high level, remember we’re making a product for decoration purpose not making a functional part.

Third step: Color the screens.

Now we make the screen as a complete part, let’s color it. The color will added through the surface treatment. We can make the color by plating, powder coating and painting,etc. One kind of color can be made by different treatments, but the texture and the effect will be very different.

Some accessories will be added when it’s finished, like the sunshine stone, the acrylic,etc., and some holes is needed for installation, need to give the space for them and this will be considered on the drawing before we make it.